Company Introduction

With unending new tools and methods for marketing, the SAYA Network is motivated towards providing effective marketing strategies in order to meet the needs of online marketing. With many years of experience in internet marketing and media operation, we design the perfect marketing tools for our clients and provide comprehensive strategies in order to assist our clients in extending markets and becoming a leading pioneer brand.

Company Information
  • Chinese Company Name:生洋網路股份有限公司 / English Company Name:SAYA Network Co., Ltd.
  • VAT Number:12912875
  • Tel:+886-2-8712-0777
  • Fax:+886-2-8712-1555
  • Address:11F., No.101, Fuxing N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105403, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Email
SAYA Network’s uniqueness
Rich experience
SAYA Network was founded in 2001 and as the most experienced and well-known company in the industry, we currently serve thousands of online customers.
In-depth industry research
To precisely identify a more accurate target audience within the same budget, we develop an industrial market segmentation and conduct exclusive research for each of our customers.
Annual planning
Through our comprehensive annual marketing plan and our exclusive blueprint for marketing plan, we allocate marketing resources effectively and utilize budget accurately.
Synchronous updates
The only partner in the country certified by Yahoo、Google、Facebook、LINE at the same time. Information updated synchronously with the source, enabling your ads to be more targeted and cost efficient
Honesty and transparency
We value the importance of honesty; therefore, we provide transparent and detailed information of every advertisement costs and spending. Our track record of honesty and transparency has won the absolute trust of our customers in the past 20 years.
Saya Training Center
Our lecturers with hands-on experience provide comprehensive marketing courses with the latest digital advertising information and successful case studies. We aim to enhance the competition in digital advertising allowing advertisers to thrive in the market.
Company History
Establishment of SAYA Network.
Mainly provides custom website building, virtual computers, website applications and e-commerce.
Launching of coupon website,
and first to issue discount coupons and internet marketing. Mainly gathers information and promotes coverage for large restaurants and hotels.
Establishment of Bosshelper,
which is a platform for immediate information, providing franchisors information and store replacing through advanced systems.
SAYA Network served as the keyword-advertising dealer for Yahoo.
SAYA Network became the top keyword-advertising dealer for Yahoo,
conquering the difficulties of internet managing with enthusiasm and professionalism.
The first collaborative survey services in the advertising industry
In accordance with the current planning of your advertising budget. Evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising and experience this new level of service!
SAYA Network expands horizons by becoming the media agency for Yahoo.
Unique Industry Expert System within the Industry.
Let the right people do the right marketing for you. With unique industry lining to deep-root industry direction and development, understand industry trends and analyze competitors’ status as well as online users’ search habits to enhance and maximize advertisement quality.
Establishment of affiliated enterprise Bizin Digital Marketing Co.,Ltd,
providing advertisement operation for Google and Facebook.
Google Partner
Certified by Google, we manage Google and YouTube ad accounts on behalf of your brand and business.
Yahoo store marketplace exclusive agency in Northern Taiwan.
Certified by Yahoo store marketplace in Taiwan since 2017.We provide guidance in store opening, assistance in marketing consultation, and a detailed advertisement plan for your online store.
Yahoo Taiwan’s only top certified agency
We are worthy of your trust because we are certified by Yahoo based on our operational efficiency and high performance!
Facebook Marketing Services
We assist our clients with Facebook and Instagram advertising as well as providing effective marketing solutions.
Establishment of SAYA Training Center
We provide comprehensive marketing courses with the latest digital advertising information and we consistently deliver excellent customer focused service!
Facebook Marketing Partner
Serving as Facebook’s Taiwan Marketing Partner, we provide you with the highest quality service.
Official LINE Account Agency
We assist businesses through the whole application process for the official LINE accounts and operate the accounts on their behalf.
LINE Advertising Agency
We work with business sectors to provide customers with an active advisory service on LINE.
Foundation of Innovation Hub.
Based on satisfying clients’ needs as the foundation to develop a one-stop consultant service – capable of providing customized expert-contracted proposals whether for advertisement owners without exclusive marketing projects or large branded clients, thereby strengthening vertical integration with further upgrade of content management.
Establishment of Uselect- an affiliate company
Uselect is a digital media consulting and e-learning platform. We connect advertisers and digital marketing consultants, and are dedicated to promoting a variety of marketing courses. Through lectures , open courses, and other diverse channels, we aim to provide advertisers' a learning environment that helps enhance their competitive edge in the industry.
Group Management
We are committed to our four major services: courses, content, advertising and e-commerce. In a bid to build a stable business group for the next 20 years, we have been pro-actively diversifying our operations in multiple fields in order to expand our business territory.
Facebook Advanced Business Partner
With our extensive experience, we have passed Facebook's official professional review and became a Facebook Advanced Business Partner.
With this title, we help our clients grasp the latest market information, achieve high quality service, and prioritize our client requests.
First Marketing Block Tool In The Industry
Aiming for long-term management, we provide our clients an exclusive marketing block tool and a detailed annual plan to not only help our clients allocate marketing resources effectively but also allow us to formulate a complete concrete marketing strategy.
  • Yahoo Advertisement
    Yahoo entire website advertisement include accurate and effective keywords, uninterrupted native advertising as well as capable of introducing visually surprising image advertisement experience to online users, thereby successfully developing your online market.
  • Google Advertisement
    Multivariate advertising methods and cross-device projecting; sending the right information to the right people at the right time.
  • Facebook Advertisement
    Crowds mean business opportunities; recruit fans and create online conversation topics to promote marketing.
  • E-commerce Agency
    Led by senior marketing managers, we provide one-stop e-commerce expertise & services ranging from product design, event planning, material production, and product placement. In doing so, we not only save your business time and resources, but also make your business more competitive in the market.
  • Sub-advised Social Group
    Sub-advisory management of FB fan page and LINE Official Account content to develop brand characteristics and create exclusive brand image, where you never have to worry about the content and the fans.
  • Content Management
    Satisfying the needs of clients serves as foundation for providing services including advertisement material production, short film shooting and free marketing courses…etc., further upgrading content management!