SAYA Network Co., Ltd.
Company Introduction

With unending new tools and methods for marketing, the SAYA Network is motivated towards providing effective marketing strategies in order to meet the needs of online marketing. With many years of experience in internet marketing and media operation, we design the perfect marketing tools for our clients and provide comprehensive strategies in order to assist our clients in extending markets and becoming a leading pioneer brand.

Company Information
  • Chinese Company Name:生洋網路股份有限公司 / English Company Name:SAYA Network Co., Ltd.
  • VAT Number:12912875
  • Tel:+886-2-8712-0777
  • Fax:+886-2-8712-1555
  • Address:11F., No.101, Fuxing N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 10595, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Top Quality
  • Comprehensive

    Detailed service division
  • Experienced

    Well-known with good reputation
  • Most Customers

    With the highest number of
    domestic internet advertising clients
  • Fast Service

    Immediate service, even on holidays
  • Best Results

    Making every click a customer
  • Best Price

    Effective lowering cost-per-click
Company History
Establishment of SAYA Network.
Mainly provides custom website building, virtual computers, website applications and e-commerce.
Launching of coupon website,
and first to issue discount coupons and internet marketing. Mainly gathers information and promotes coverage for large restaurants and hotels.
Establishment of Bosshelper,
which is a platform for immediate information, providing franchisors information and store replacing through advanced systems.
SAYA Network served as the keyword-advertising dealer for Yahoo.
SAYA Network became the top keyword-advertising dealer for Yahoo,
conquering the difficulties of internet managing with enthusiasm and professionalism.
The first collaborative survey services in the advertising industry
In accordance with the current planning of your advertising budget. Evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising and experience this new level of service!
SAYA Network expands horizons by becoming the media agency for Yahoo.
SAYA Network topped with most Yahoo certified trainers, Yahoo certified associate trainers, Yahoo certified analysts.
Establishment of affiliated enterprise Bizin Digital Marketing Co.,Ltd,
providing advertisement operation for Google and Facebook.
Commencement of online Yahoo Store Marketplace,
which became the authorized distributor of Yahoo in northern Taiwan.
As the top and only operator ever in Taiwan, in 2015 we were awarded the Top Dealer certificate by Yahoo Kimo for our operation management and sales performance—a precious badge of professionalism and reliability.
We regularly organize Internet marketing courses, where seasoned online experts share successful case studies and their own marketing secrets. We also train our clients before their online advertising goes live. During campaigns, we analyze, brief, and advise them as well. In addition. Now, that’s Service 3.0!
SAYA Network has become an exclusive authorized distributor for Yahoo’s store marketplace across Taiwan.
We proactively assist our customers in discovering their product suite’s competitive advantage, allowing our customers to gain a competitive edge with their target audience.
  • Yahoo Keyword Advertising
    Free exposure cost-per-click, accurate marketing, flexible copywriting, and custom budgets.
  • Yahoo Native Ads
    Breaking away from traditional advertising models and seamless integration with content, providing online visitors with information that interests them.
  • Yahoo Audience Ads
    Precise exposure of thematic channels, multi-marketing with multimedia, and various slots.
  • Yahoo Store Marketplace
    Complete online store service, easy collections and payment transfer system, strong backstage managing and marketing tools.
  • Yahoo So Easy
    Set up simple single-page websites, providing convenient platforms for those on a tight budget.
  • Google Advertisement
    Multivariate advertising methods and cross-device projecting; sending the right information to the right people at the right time.
  • Facebook Advertisement
    Crowds mean business opportunities; recruit fans and create online conversation topics to promote marketing.